Iran: Lying for Time

Iranian leaders repeatedly state that their nuclear program is for peaceful usage even if it seems that there is ever-mounting proof that they are building a bomb – in fact they have enough Uranium today to build five bombs within approximately 6 months.

Disregarding the open issues concerning their transgressions as reported in the IAEA reports, all their leaders keep on maintaining innocence based on the infamous “nuclear fatwa” issued by Khamenei himself which states that Iran is not and will not develop nuclear weapons since they are “haram” – a sin.

Body Language Lie Detector — Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Body Language Lie Detector — Iran’s Parliament Leader Ali Larijani

Google “nuclear fatwa” and you will see that not everybody believes the veracity nor the effectiveness of such a fatwa since a) it is a verbal fatwa (as opposed to written one), b) it can be rescinded at any time by Khamenei himself, c) it fits in with Islam’s idealized form of lying in negotiations (look up Taqqyia) and d) it goes against what some Iranian leaders have said in the past.

Still, it seems that they have fooled quite a few people with what they say but it is getting harder and harder for them to lie.
Just look at their body language and you will see just how much pressure they are under.

Following are three videos from an amateur “lie detector” who decided to do the next best thing to giving them all a polygraph test: He studied their body language on videos concerning Iran’s nuclear program (and also some human rights problems).
On the hot spot are Khamenei himself (!), Ahmadinejad and Ali Larijani.

Watch the videos and decide for yourself.
Although the guy who made these videos is not 100% sure, we are – Iran’s leaders are lying to buy time to develop nuclear bombs.


Iran’s Solutions to RIO+20: Women’s Rights

Iran 24/07 team created a  public awareness campaign towards Rio+20 Conference,  which covers some of the most urgent issues the Iranian policy makers and executors are failing to address, including women’s, LGBT and religious rights, as well the option of a global nuclear war. This is one post we created regarding women’s rights – Visit the Campaign website for more information and visuals.

The RIO+20 Conference is dedicated to “reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection…to get to the future we want”. What does Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad bring to this conference? What will the world look like if Iran achieves the “Islamic Awakening” it wants? What would women’s rights look like in the future and how does Iran’s nuclear program affect this? Continue reading