Iran’s Solutions to RIO+20: Women’s Rights

Iran 24/07 team created a  public awareness campaign towards Rio+20 Conference,  which covers some of the most urgent issues the Iranian policy makers and executors are failing to address, including women’s, LGBT and religious rights, as well the option of a global nuclear war. This is one post we created regarding women’s rights – Visit the Campaign website for more information and visuals.

The RIO+20 Conference is dedicated to “reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection…to get to the future we want”. What does Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad bring to this conference? What will the world look like if Iran achieves the “Islamic Awakening” it wants? What would women’s rights look like in the future and how does Iran’s nuclear program affect this?

A woman is wholly the possession of her husband, and her public life is conditional upon her husband’s consent“.

     -Head of the Judiciary, Yazdi.

Women in Iran face discrimination under the law: They are denied equal rights in marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance and evidence given by a woman in court is considered only worth half that given by a man.

A girl under the age of 13 can be forced to marry a much older man if her father permits it. Iranian law allows Muslim men to have up to four wives and can take any number of “temporary wives” without informing their first wife.

Married women in Iran can be prevented from working, leaving the country or pursuing further education by their husbands and it is difficult for a woman to divorce her husband without his consent – even if he has been violent towards her. If she remarries after divorce, she loses custody of any children.

Women wear the Islamic hijab, covering their hair and their body and make-up is frowned upon.

Once Iran becomes a nuclear power, no one will be able to force Iran to give women more rights.


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