Parchin : Hot Evidence To Nuclear Coverup

Clean Up at Parchin Continues:

For the past six months, the IAEA has been trying to access the military site at Parchin to no avail.

It is suspected that Iran has been conductinng nuclear detonating tests on this site and although Iran has denied this accusation, access to the site has been repeatedly denied.

On July 2nd, ISIS issued a report on the Parchin site based on satellite images to try and understand why Iran is so adamant in denying access to the site. The satellite images can not prove that such tests were conducted but they do show that Iran is very busy trying to clean up the site for a possible future inspection.

Evidence of “Cleaning Up”:

Water…used as part of…attempt to wash out radiological evidence from hydrodynamic testing…grinding down the surfaces inside the building, collecting the dust and then washing the area thoroughly….followed with use of new building materials and paint. Washing alone runs the risk of contaminating the wider area outside. Removal of the surrounding, contaminated earth suggests recognition of the need to remove the layer of soil that was contaminated by water runoff.

Bottom line, it seems that Iran is working hard to clean up all evidence of any nuclear activity on this site. Nobody but Iran can be 100% sure what exactly they have to clean up until an on-site inspection but anybody with sense can answer the question”why” is Iran cleaning up the site.

Lying for Time:

Iran repeatedly denies that its nuclear program is meant to develop nuclear weapons. The evidence seems to prove otherwise but even with the lack of the proverbial “smoking gun”, the simple fact that Iran is acting so suspiciously regarding access by IAEA officials to sites such as Parchin should be reason enough to doubt Iran’s sincerety.

“Iran should immediately halt any further work at this site, grant the inspectors access to it, and cooperate so that the IAEA can conduct a thorough investigation of this site. Otherwise, the next IAEA Board of Governors meeting should condemn Iran’s activities at Parchin as thwarting a legitimate IAEA request aimed at answering the fundamental issue of whether Iran’s nuclear declaration is complete.”

By the time the IAEA inspectors are finally allowed access to the site – it may simmply be too late.


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