Iran responsible for terror in India

An exclusive article by the Times of India reports that an investigation by the Dehli police force concluded that it was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who were responsible for the terror attack upon an Israeli diplomat.

According to the police report, as early as January 2011, members of the IRGC had disclosed to the Indian journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmad Kazimi that they plan to attack Israeli diplomats in India and other countries. Furthermore, the police investigation had not only found that the IRCG had disclosed the above plans to Mr. Kazimi, but also that Mr. Kazimi was in contact with these IRCG members for almost 10 years.

Due to these findings and more, the Delhi police force had demanded that Iran would disclose information about 5 particular IRCG members;  Houshang Afshar Irani, Sedaghatzadeh Masoud,  Syed Ali Mahdiansadr, Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi  and Ali Akbar Norouzishayan.

The findings by the Delhi police force add to a long list of world wide terror activity against Western targets undertaken by Iran and its proxies.


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