Syria and Iran: Ties of Mass Destruction

Image: ISNA

The Washington Post had reported that in recent years the Syrian regime expanded it’s chemical weapons of mass destruction with the aid of Iran. According to the Washington post, Iran, a close ally of Syria, had provided Syria with both chemical precursors and expertise.

While, the chemical precursors may be used both for military and civilian purposes, the Washington post quotes experts in the chemical weapons field who stipulate that the procurement undertaken by the Syrian regime does not fit the profile of procurement for civilian purposes.

The help provided by Iran to Syria’s chemical weapons program is inline with the close military ties between the countries. These ties are perpetuated in the fact that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corpse is taking an active part in the oppression of the Syrian uprising. Furthermore, according to the website Khabar online, the Iranian vice president Ali Saeedlou had described the Tehran-Damascus ties as “deeply-rooted and strategic, and [that] Iran sees no limits to expansion of its cooperation with friendly and brotherly country of Syria”.


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