Nam Summit head of Information: Foreign Media Conspiracy

Image: Iran Daily Brief

IDB Website reports:

Mohammad Sheykan, Deputy Head of Information and Publicity of the NAM Summit Headquarters, said that 2,000 foreign and domestic correspondents will cover the upcoming NAM Summit in Tehran. He said that Western media have already added “organizing news” to describe the NAM Summit on their agendas. He stressed the need to act in a “consolidated manner” to foil the “foreign media plots.”

This statement is probably meant to counter all and any unfavorable coverage of the summit debates. Questions regarding Iran’s plans for the NAM members are already being raised by the NY Times (regarding the nuclear issue), by the British telegraph (Regarding the Collaboration with Assad’s Syria) and the Wall Street Journal. Are these publications all a part of a major plot against Iran? Or are they just a sign that the Iranian attempts to hijack NAM’s agenda will not go unquestioned?


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