NAM Nations Bend to Iran’s Will

A report by the Iranian Fars news agency had quoted the Iranian senior parliamentarian Ali Akbar Aqayee as saying that the “Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran would result in long-term consequences in Iran’s favour in international equations”.

This report comes amid numerous reports that the Iranian regime intends to Hijack both the summit in Tehran and her term as the NAM president in order to progress her own agenda. Indeed, a further prominent figure- Brigadier General Yadollah Javani had openly stated that Iran should take full advantage of the summit in order to undermine the sanctions imposed upon her due to her nuclear program.

Iran 24/07 calls upon all countries who intend to send a delegation to the summit to reconsider their decision. Do you, the representatives of these countries want to help progress Iran’s negative long term international goals? Do you want to help a country who’s negative humans right record is second to none? Do you want to help a country who still imposes the death penalty by stoning? Do you want to help a country who may cause a world war?

In sum, countries who plan to send a delegation to the summit need to ask themselves one final important question- Do we want to support a country whose policies and actions contradict all values that the NAM stands for?!

Don’t let Iran tarnish such a prestigious and important movement as the NAM.


One thought on “NAM Nations Bend to Iran’s Will

  1. people plz dont follow websites such as this one. We all support IRAN. go and see first what israel is doing

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