NAM Update – After Palestinian Authority Outrage, Iran Cancels Invitation of the Terror Organisation Hamas

In order not to further embarrass the Iranian regime, Hamas will decline Iran’s invitation to the non-aligned conference in Tehran. The cancelation comes after the invite by the Iranian regime had evoked a “furious response” response from the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas, a globally recognised terrorist organisation [e.g. by the US, EU, Canada & Australia) who were responsible for a civil war in 2007 which claimed the lives of 161 Palestinians and injured a further 700 were invited by the Iranian regime to attend th NAM conference hosted in Teheran between the 26th and the 31st of August.

The ties between Hamas and Iran have been well documented over the years and include (but not limited to) financial and military co-operation. This cooperation has resulted in the formation and establishment of Hamas as it is known today. This fact can be seen in the statement issued by the Hamas prime minister Ismail Hania:  “The Palestinian resistance is robust and strong now owing to such support from Iran.”

The revelation of Hamas’s invite to the NAM summit comes amidst much concern among the global community that Iran will hijack the conference and her time as the NAM president in order to progress her own agendas

The invitation is especially jarring considering the fact that Hamas is neither a NAM signatory nor considered a representative of the Palestinian authority by the world community.

Inviting Hamas to the NAM conference cannot be dissociated from the increasingly loud sabre rattling by Iran. Most recently  the Iranian defence minister brigadier general Ahmad Vahidi stated that the summit “demonstrates the Islamic Iran’s thriving power” and that the summit “will path the ground for the expansion of the Islamic Republic causes”.


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