NAM Update Day 3- Nuclear Agenda and Ban Ki Moon’s Visit

As the summit continues it becomes clearer that Iran has indeed prepared the event with a very specific agenda in mind. Reports from both Farsi and western press suggest that the emphasis in the debates, as well as the exhibitions and formal tours, will be first and foremost on establishing legitimacy for Iran’s nuclear abilities. Daily News Website Reports:

“Tehran aims to use the Non-Aligned Movement summit as a ground for defending its controversial nuclear program. Participants are expected to visit Parchin site, while Natanz and Bushehr will host high profile officials…”

Question has to be asked – How come, after months and years of consistent refusal, Iran is suddenly letting visitors in certain nuclear facilities? One has to assume that something has changed – either in the facilities or the agenda.

Iran is obviously seeking legitimacy also for it’s aspirations to rise as an alternative to the UN leadership. For example, ISNA reported a proposal to establish and alternative bank to service the NAM members, in order to avoid the effects of sanctions.

What is expected of Ban Ki Moon in this light and under these circumstances?

It was well put by Dokhi Fassihian of United for Iran:

“The Secretary General should specifically call on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to Allow the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran appointed last year by the UN Human Rights Council to visit the country and pledge sustained cooperation with the mandate; Release more than 30 earthquake relief workers and volunteers arrested this week by security forces; release the over 500 political prisoners languishing in Iranian jails, including leading opposition figures, civic activists, human rights defenders, journalists, and artists…

And  more urgent Ki-Moon must address right here.

We must add to that – Ban Ki Moon must use this opportunity to ask the Iranian leaders the hardest questions: What are their nuclear intentions? What will they be doing to resolve Human rights repeated violations in their country? What is their commitment to the UN and to World peace? This will justify his visit’ rather than let it become a reassuring gesture for unknown intentions.


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