The show must (NOT) go on- Ahmadinejad to speak in the UN

After the well rehearsed non-aligned movement (NAM) show in Tehran, the Iranian regime has its eyes set upon a new stage – the United Nations general assembly.

The Iranian regime who during the NAM conference had outwardly shown every intent of hijacking its term as the movement’s president plans to continue their target of undermining the UN from within the UN’s own headquarters. Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is due to hold a speech in front of the general assembly on the 26th of September.

This address to the general assembly comes amidst heightened tensions over the Iranian nuclear program. As can be remembered, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) quarterly report published towards the end of August had expressed serious concerns upon the Iranian regime’s nuclear program. Among other concerns, the IAEA had reported that Iran had doubled its number of uranium enrichment centrifuges and is actively cleaning up suspected military-aligned nuclear sites.

Adding to these serious concerns is the possibility that Iran had formed a UN-undermining voting coalition during the NAM conference. Indeed, leaders among the world community are worried that Iran has formed a voting coalition which intends to undermine the UN-led sanctions upon Iran. These worries are amplified by the fact that the Iranian regime had outwardly expressed their target of creating a “new world order”, one which is different to the current UN structure.

The Iranian regime claims it is a democracy and that it is “a beacon of hope” to the rest of the world. And yet, this “beacon of hope” does not shine over all of Iran’s citizens: opposition leaders are under house arrest, death penalty rates are soaring (second only to China), the incidence of stoning and flogging as punishment methods is increasing, discrimination on the basis of gender or race goes undisputed, freedom of speech oppression is a given, and countless more human rights oppressing activities do not only occur on a daily basis but are actively supported by law.

It is therefore ironic that although Iran is far from being a model of democracy, Ahmadinejad will probably use the “democracy card” at the assembly in order to bash countries that truly are democratic in their nature. Specifically, in a UN Security councel undermining move, Ahmadinejad will demand equal representation for each UN member state (regardless of their democratic/nondemocratic nature). This will bring to the absurd reality in which the UN security council will not be able to veto a resolution that was voted in due to support from nondemocratic countries. Essentially, nondemocratic countries will be exploiting the democratic tool of voting to promote their nondemocratic agendas.

The Iranian regime should not be allowed to continue its NAM conference show in the UN. A nondemocratic country like Iran should never be allowed to exploit democracy for its own agendas. The world as an audience cannot allow itself to demand an encore of the NAM show.

Put shortly; there is no place for a human-rights-oppressing, war-mongering, military-nuclear-capabilities-seeking country such as Iran in the UN.


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