Iran- attempting to hold the world hostage

On September the 26th the Iranian and non-aligned movement (NAM) president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will address the UN general assembly.

Considering his speeches in the NAM conference last month, this address will not be the usual UN-bashing rant that Ahmadinejad loves to deliver; rather it will be a speech that takes UN-bashing one step further. Specifically, Ahmadinejad’s speech will reflect the Iranian regime’s quest for a “fundamental change” in the UN structure.

This demand for a structural change will be based upon the Iranian regime’s accusations that the UN is “undemocratic and outdated”, that the UN security council is “irrational and unjust” and boards on “overt dictatorship”, and that the UN’s IAEA purposefully “sabotages” the “peaceful” Iranian nuclear program and more.

The Iranian nuclear program is crucial for Iran’s success in enforcing such a change. Although Iran is sticking to its “we will never develop nuclear weapons since they are a great sin” alibi, its lack of transparency, satellite pictures of nuclear plants and mounting evidence submitted by the IAEA all point to a military-aligned program. Indeed, very recently the IAEA had reported that the Iranian regime is currently cleaning the nuclear site in Parchin from evidence of suspected military-aligned nuclear activity.

It is this military-aligned nuclear program that holds the world hostage and will force a structural change to the UN. The threat of a nuclear Iran strengthens Iran’s call to choose sides: for or against Iran, for or against the UN, for or against democracy. It is this threat that evokes the current world-wide war rhetoric. Furthermore, this war rhetoric is backed by, and fueled by the growing rumble of extreme Islamization. This issue was clearly and bouldly addressed by the Iranian supreme leader Khamenei who stated that “this century is the century of Islam”  (read his whole speech to the “Islamic Awakening and Youth Conference” for a better understanding of the Islamic context).

Statements such as the above are not “only” rhetoric bet are at the basis of spontaneous and planned actions by Muslim fundamentalists and leaders. This action is evident in the growing prevalence of Muslim terror organizations who vow to force Sharia law on the whole world. Furthermore, judging by the extreme reaction of Muslims to the Mohammad-derogating movie even within democratic countries, it can easily be seen that some Muslims take Khamenei’s words into action.

With the eyes of the assembly members and the world upon him, it can be expected that Ahmadinejad will gamble for a majority vote in the general assembly to cancel the UN-forced sanctions upon Iran. Furthermore, he will attempt to enter Iran to the UN Security Council through demanding representation for NAM states (which in this case would be the NAM president-Iran).

It is becoming more and more evident that the 26th­­ of September will be a turning point in the Iranian quest for nuclear weapons and for restructuring the UN and its agencies. World leaders should not stand aside while Iran lies for time until it will come out of its nuclear closet, admitting proudly that it already has nuclear bombs, disrupting the fragile status quo in the Middle East. The time has come for world leaders to speak up and say “we will not allow Iran to control the world through intimidation” nor “will we support Iran’s attempted coup in the UN general assembly”.

Do the right thing and stand up to Iran on the 26th­­ of September – History, and your children, will thank you for it.


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