Ahmadinejad’s UN Speech: a dangerous plea for a new world order

In a speech full of hypocrisy and incitement the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had called for a new world order.

After much protest in New York and around the world Ahmadinejad had delivered a 35- minute-long speech to the UN general assembly. Following a long introduction in which Ahmadinejad had both implicitly and explicitly blamed the West for most of the current world problems, he made the Iranian regime’s intention of undermining the UN loud and clear.

Specifically, Ahmadinejad stated that “there is no doubt that the world is in need for a new order”, a new order that is needed according to Ahmadinejad due to the current one being “discriminatory and based on injustice”. Among other reasons for the unjust nature of the current order Ahmadinejad noted that it; is responsible for “oppression and discrimination”, “has been shaped according to selfishness and deception”, and “seeks to expand its domination by spreading discord and conflicts”.

In light of the Iranian regime’s policies and behaviour these claims are hypocritical to say the least. The Iranian regime undertakes oppression and discrimination against its own citizens on a daily basis. Indeed, human rights organisations around the world have condemned the Iranian regime for undertaking many human rights violations ranging from restriction of freedom of speech and movement to the execution of children. Ahmadinejad called upon the UN to “defend human rights”, if the UN is to take this challenge, it should start with taking actions against the same hypocrite who had posed the challenge.

Furthermore, while Ahmadinejad condemned the UN for being shaped according to selfishness and deception, he yet again “forgets” that his regime is one of the most selfish and deceptive regime’s in history. How else, apart from complete selfishness, can one explain the Iranian regime’s insistence to continue its nuclear program even-though the Iranian citizens loose 133,000,000 $ a day due to this insistence. It is not the regime leaders who suffer from this astronomical loss, rather the simple citizens- the regime clearly does not care about its citizens. This nuclear program is also the sight which stands as evidence of the Iranian regime’s deceptive nature. While Ahmadinejad blames the UN for being deceptive, he completely disregards the fact that the Iranian regime is actively trying to deceive the world by cleansing the Parchin nuclear site. Indeed, only recently had the head of Iran’s nuclear agency admitted that Iran lied to the IAEA about its nuclear program.

Moreover,  Ahmadinejad who argues that member states of the UN seek to expand their domination via the spreading of discord and conflicts, conveniently puts a blind eye to the fact that Iran is the world’s foremost terrorism supporter. Apart from financially and politically supporting the murderous Syrian regime, Iran also offers similar assistance (and even to a greater extent) to listed terror organizations such as Hamas and Hizbollah. Not only does Iran support terror organizations world-wide, Iranian forces have taken active parts in terror plots and attacks around the world.

After pointing out the reasons for a new world order Ahmadinejad implies that all 120 non-aligned movement (NAM) member-states hold the same views. Indeed, as the representative of these States, Ahmadinejad had declared the NAM’s readiness to aid the UN in the “essential endeavor” of restructuring the UN. While some of the NAM countries may indeed support the restructuring of the UN, there is no wide agreement within the NAM about the issue. Ahmadinejad has therefor abused his power as the NAM president in order to push forward the Iranian regime’s agenda.

The Iranian regime has therefore been proved as human rights violators, selfish, deceptive , supporters of terror and abusers of power. With this kind of negative record, who in their right mind can allow such a regime to attain nuclear weapons? Indeed, Ahmadinejad ends his speech with stating his hope that the Imam Al-Mahdi will appear soon, an appearance that according to Shi’ism can only occur at the end of time…


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