Stop Funding Death – 5 Reasons to cut funding of drug campaigns in Iran

Originally posted in Iran – Addicted to Death

1. Over 70% of total executions in Iran are of individuals sentenced to death under Iran’s Anti-Narcotics Law, which mandates the death penalty for a wide range of drug-related offenses.  According to reports from human rights groups that document executions in Iran from both official and unofficial sources, roughly 650 executions were carried out in 2010 and 670 in 2011. So far, in 2012, at least 330 individuals have been executed. 

2. Even if you support the capital punishment in general, these numbers are regarded concerning by officials and professionals. The UN secretary-general and the UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran both expressed concern in 2011 about the high number of executions for drug-related offenses. In October 2011, the UN Human Rights Committee recommended that the Iranian authorities consider abolishing the death penalty or at least revising the penal code to restrict the death penalty to only the “most serious crimes.”  The British foreign secretary, William Hague, recently condemned Iran’s leadership for the ‘continued, widespread persecution of ethnic minorities, human rights defenders and political prisoners’

3. Iranian leaders of the current regime have repeatedly failed to answer to questions on the matter, giving vague or irrelevant answers at best. While human rights groups have raised concerns to the Iranian government about the mandatory death sentencing for drug-related offenses, the Iranian authorities have failed to respond to this criticism in any meaningful fashion.

4. In spite of repeated pleas by opposition figures and NGOs, the mullah regime refuses to allow international entities such as UN chief Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to visit prisons and meet prisoners captured due to unnamed offences. 

5. Executions are not limited to convicted felons or even suspects – Every Iranian citizen is in danger.  Shadi Sadr, Executive Director of London-based Justice for Iran, says “Our research shows how thousands of people, including women who are the single-income providers for their children, have been sentenced to death without minimum standards of due process whilst Iranian judges and other authorities that bear responsibility in these severe violations of human rights violation enjoy absolute impunity.”

Share this post or just the Image, communicate with your representatives and help stopping the funding of  systematic murders.

Tweet to Yuri Fedotov, executiv director of UN ODC @yurifedotov and demand his response and denunciation!


IR Human Rights Documentation Center

Intl. Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

News Track India

UN Human Rights News

Human Rights Watch


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