Europe’s Responsibility

An opinion article by Konstanin Alexandrov (co-editor of Iran 24/07)

It has been over six decades since the eyes of the world were focused on Europe as they are today. The world, it seems, is heading  into a state of war and Europe will once again play a main part in this impending conflict. In contrast to WWII, Europe’s part in a possible conflict will not be as the main geographic stage, but as the continent who’s diplomatic actions could de facto lead to conflict or peace.

Both Iran and the US are trying to steer European actions in their favor. On the one hand, the Iranian delegation to the UN general assembly had met with a vast array of European delegates including (but not limited to) the foreign ministers of; Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus. These meetings were held for the purpose arranging a meeting between European representative and Iran at the End of this month in Tehran. On the other hand, the US is trying to steer the European leaders away from Iran, claiming that meeting with Iranian leaders will legitimize the Iranian nuclear program, and insure Iran’s entrance into the the zone of nuclear immunity.

Europe has been blamed before for not sopping wars by undertaking the wrong diplomatic actions and this might happen again. The European leaders now have the choice between their natural allies, or a side which stands against everything European democracies cherish. If European leaders choose the latter, and decide to attend the meeting in Tehran, they may find themselves yet again being blamed for a war that they could have stopped.

It is the responsibility of the European leaders not only to boycott the meeting in Tehran, but to openly speak against the existence of such a meeting. Only when Iran understands that the world as a single unit is against their nuclear program, could the program be stopped, and war be averted.


2 thoughts on “Europe’s Responsibility

  1. I apprise the interesting perception that this article gives us.
    I’m not so pessimist of a new “global” war, but I agree that – if a war will start – it will be not a consequence of an act of war by an European nation.
    On the diplomatic role – if I understand well – when it comes to Europe we mean the European Union.
    It’s true. Although the organization is hated by the vast majority of its citizens – and perhaps contrary to the intentions of the Maastricht Treaty – Europe’s role today is first and foremost a diplomatist one – even if in many countries, changes are happening too quickly (an example: Georgia).
    Anyway, I’m persuaded. The European Unit must be clear: we have had enough. It’s just Merkel and Eurobonds. I and many have lost patience with our petty role with the Iranian Regime’s actions.
    It can be understood, and in part approved, the position of those who condemn the sanctions. Despite that opinion, mine is they can’t be stopped. Having several contacts in Iran, I know that the Iranians are certainly not starving.
    In 2009, a great opportunity has been lost. The Iranians, in their different ethnic groups, however, are today more united. The spirit of 2009 must return to Iran. All of us, and in particular the Countries closer to Iran, geographically and for the economic relations, must be able to go a little against their interests: it’s now unacceptable having more meetings with those who took possession of that country. The remarkable culture (culture brings peace) that the Iranians can bring is absolutely needed by this world.

    [I’m sorry if I was partially out of topic, about my English, and especially for I was too long]

  2. Paolo,

    Thanks for your very interesting comment.

    Yes you are very correct when you say that we are talking about the EU.
    The idea behind the article is to call the EU into action, because a war can occur both due to their inaction and wrong actions (such as meeting the Iranians in Tehran at the end of this month).

    You are also very correct in saying that it is time for the EU to take on a more serious stand in the world. Right now the EU is acting as an organization of individuals, rather that a unified organization. The whole EU should be clear by stating that it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear capabilities!

    I further agree about your opinion on the 2009 uprising. Many people forget that the “Arab Spring” did not begin in Tunisia, rather it began in Iran when the vote was stolen from the citizens. The sanctions are slowly taking their tole, and an uprising is beginning to stare again.

    What we need in Iran is a Democratic Revolution! (as opposed to an Islamic revolution).

    A democratic revolution can be achieved if the world, especially the EU, stand behind the the Iranian citizens.

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