Sanction Breaches – Experts and Leaders Respond

As part of our follow up on European companies which breach the EU’s sanctions upon Iran (e.g. Shell and Deutsche Bank), we have asked for responses on the matter from some leading European and World-Wide figures on twitter. The twitter discussion included responses from EU parliamentarians, politicians from the impending negotiation delegation to Iran, publicists and web influencers.

The opinions expressed by these figures vary (as they should), however, it is possible to draw a general conclusion from the responses- defining sanctions on one hand while tolerating repeated violations on the other, is the worst possible course of action. While ethical aspects of the sanctions should be reviewed, the truth remains that once they are imposed they should be applied consistently to ensure maximum effect and minimum pain to civilians. The answer to the often asked question; “Why don’t we see unequivocal effect of sanctions for the last few decades?” isn’t necessarily as simplistic as “because sanctions don’t work“. It may be  “because they are not constructed and executed effectively“.
The German vice president of the EU Parliament and delegation to Iran member, Alex Alvaro, unequivocally stated that

A further member of the delegation, Italian Mario Securria, replied that

And added in reference to the expected nature of breaching punishments that

Former Secretary of Australian Departments of Defence and Primary Industries & Energy, Paul Barrett, expressed his doubts of the European dedication to the sanctions:

Writer and Publicist Joanne Michelle wrote:


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