Bias and concern – IAEA Report on Iranian press

The IAEA quarterly report published last Friday shed a little light on Iran’s progress towards nuclear capacities, and was mainly a prelude to set the ground for the upcoming talks in December. But while no conclusions were drawn yet, UN officials and commentators made it very clear that the trend reflected in the report is worrying. AFP qouted Yukio Amano, head of the IAEA, saying that “The standoff on Iran’s nuclear program is worrying”.

“… Yakio Amano’s comments came as the International Atomic Energy Agency  (IAEA) warned that Tehran was on the cusp of being able to triple output of nuclear material that, if further treated, could be used in the core of a bomb.

‘The situation is worrying but it is important to continue to seek a  diplomatic solution’, Amano told reporters after talks with French President Francois Hollande.”

Nonetheless, Tehran News reports via Fars news agency with a main title quoting Iran’s envoy  Soltaniyeh declaring that “The agency’s report once again confirmed that Iran’s nuclear activities, including enrichment, are peaceful, and it conveys an important message to the international community”. Somehow in this report Amano’s clearly concerned remark is completely ignored. This sort of bias mostly discredits Iranian press as playing for the hands of the regime in power, and makes it harder to trust any of their reports on problematic issues such as the nuclear case.

Another Fars news item quotes Soltaniyeh “urging technical talks with the IAEA, politics aside”- But fails to mention the dominant, annd highly political, involvement of China and Russia in this context. IAEA chief Amano’s declaration that diplomatic negotiations must continue cannot be taken out of this context. The only reason internal debate within the UN security council was stopped is the opposition coming from Russia, China and the non-aligned countries. This sort of veto makes it almost impossible for the IAEA to create a serious debate within the UN and leaves the agency with hardly any tools other then continuous talks.


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