Khamenei’s Priorities – Power through Terror

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Khamenei Priority on Global Terrorism Terrorizing Iranian Economy

It is now evident that Khamenei’s will and his priorities dictate Tehran’s regime and unfortunately for the Iranian people, Khamenei’s priorities are very expensive – specifically his aggressive terror/paranoia fueled foreign policy.

He might not be able to dictate his will outside of Iran but his emphasis on global subversion is terrorizing large parts of the planet and undermining Iran’s own economy: estimated 40% inflation, 25% unemployment, 80% devaluation and a $133 billion deficit as well as price hikes in nearly every category.  “Our missiles can travel thousands of kilometers, but we have problems supplying bread and meat” – Mohsen Rezaei interview.

Apart from terror being used internally to retain power, silence criticism and dissidents, Tehran is currently deploying 3 forms of terrorism outside its borders.

Global Terrorism on the Rise:

Over 2012, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Qods joined forces to attempt and succeed in a series of terrorist acts targeting civilians and diplomats in the US (Foiled plot to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in 2012 linked to “senior members of the Qods force“), India/Georgia (“sticky” bombs under diplomat cars by Qods operatives), Thailand (Qods sticky bomb factory explodes leading to arrests), Kenya (2 Iranian Qods operatives busted for plotting bomb attacks),  Bulgaria (Hezbollah blows up tourist bus killing 6), Nigeria (IRGC arms smuggler busted).

Behind each attempt or “success” is a “back-office” of planners, financers, foot soldiers etc…who supply the necessary resources to support the soon to be martyrs at the frontline. Following the AMIA bombing of the in Buenos Aires in 1994, Argentinian Prosecutor Alberto Nisman recently released a 500 page report on a network of terrorist cells, backed by Iranian Intelligence, that are surfacing all over Latin America.

IRGC/Qods, Iranian Intelligence and Hezbollah are all bankrolled by Tehran – Hezbollah alone costs the Iranian tax payer an estimated $300 million a year

Khamenei’s response: “Intensify attacks against the West and its allies around the world“..

Nuclear Terrorism:

Even without a nuclear bomb, Tehran’s nuclear ambitions have the world “on edge” due to non-transparency mixed with Armageddon-type threats…one bomb can turn “on edge” to over the edge.

By far the most expensive form of terrorism is the nuclear card which has resulted in an estimated $100 billion dollars lost to date – this figure will continue to rise as long as the nuclear crisis continues and will definitely spike once Tehran has a bomb.

Out of the Closet Terror in Syria:

Hezbollah’s open involvement in the Syria has changed simultaneously the rules and the odds.

Khamenei’s support for Assad through an ever increasing line of credit ($1 billion, then $4 billion and now $7 Billion), regular snuggling of arms shipments by air/trucks and repeated blessings on the open and active support of Assad by Hezbollah add up to a real game changer in an already volatile situation.

Innocent Syrian civilians dying at the hands of Hezbollah fighters who are endoctrined and financed by Iran are a clear reminder that Khamenei’s power is growing and that the need to hide it is becoming less important.

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28 thoughts on “Khamenei’s Priorities – Power through Terror

  1. Think again. Khamenei’s will and his priorities are serving iranians intests in the region. Iran has its own ideas, interests, ambitions and friends, just like every other country. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. So to understand them and their actions, you should put yourself in Khamenei’s place. I think he plays smart: in current situation he must help Assad’s regime so he’s sending it arms and money.

    Then there’s a nuclear card. I don’t think we could call it “Nuclear terrorism”, I’m not buying such terms. Think about it again, nuclear card is a strong negotiation tool, why should he waste it too quickly?

    To understand for his anti-western feelings, you must know the history or Iranian revolution and American role in it. It’s no wonder Iranians are showing no love to the U.S. 😉

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your input – it’ s always great to see the flip side.

      You say that Khamenei is serving Iranian interests – how do you know that when opposition is silenced, presidential candidates are hand-picked and freedom of speech is not approved? What evidence is there that the people of Iran actually approve of Khamenei or his priorities?

      Unlike most countries, specifically democratic ones, priorities and decisions have to be approved by governements and opposition leaders have a chance to have their say – not so in Tehran under Khamenei rule.

      I think that Khamenei’s priority to save Assad is definitely not in the Iranian people’s interest – for most of the world, the civil war in Syria is a symbol of the suffering of a people due to a dictator’s unwillingness to allow free elections. Syria should be a wake-up call for Khamenei and his regime that since the Arab Spring, Middle Eastern dictatorships are toppling one after the other (note the video of protesters shouting “khamenei” & “dictator”).

      As to the nuclear terrorism card – It obviously is a strong negotiation card as is evident for the amount of negotiations invested in it to no avail. What positive outcomes have the Iranian people to show for playing this card? And if it is such a great card, why is there such a debate even in Tehran?

      • You raised a few good points. Let me answer the question about Iranian interests. There are many kinds of interests. The interest I mentioned might not be main interests for an ordinary Iranian but rather interests of the leadership of the country and its position in the region. Every country has it, democratic or not. Let’s take a look at the U.S. How do you know that supporting Israel and giving it billions of $ is actually serving American interests? Or Guantanamo Bay prison? What evidence is there that the people of the U.S. actually approve it? Or American gun policy. A strong majority of Americans still favor stricter gun control laws, yet the congress doesn’t want to hear about it. Hope you see my point.

        I don’t think the for most of the world see the civil war in Syria as a symbol of the suffering of a people due to a dictator’s unwillingness to allow free elections. Not anymore. The war became sectarian with more and more foreign extremists on the rebel side. More and more experts are suggesting that secular Assad’s regime Isn’t the real threat to freedom in Syria — Islamic rebels are. In his article on Syria, Peter Hitchens wrote: “quote/:I do not like the Syrian government. Why should I? It is not much different from most Middle Eastern nations, in that it stays in power by fear. The same is true of countries we support, such as Saudi Arabia, recently honoured with a lengthy visit by Prince Charles. In fact Saudi Arabia is so repressive that it makes Assad’s Syria look like Switzerland. And don’t forget the places we liberated earlier – Iraq, Libya – which are now sinks of violence and chaos. /end of quote”.–Now-hurling-explosives.html
        I think he has a point.

        About the nuclear card. Iran wants to be taken seriously. If the U.S. were in the same geopolitical position as Iran is, they too would seek nuclear power (or at least pretend to), if did not already have such capability. With nuclear Israel next to them and U.S. troops nearby in Iraq, Afghanistan and central Asia, Iran would be stupid if it didn’t want the nuclear card. Iran is also projecting its sovereign right to develop nuclear power, and even a bomb at some point. To be honest, the nuclear card is serving other goals as well. It helps distracting Iranians from their own serious needs and bad economical situation. That how I see it.

  2. I sincerely hope that the Syrian opposition and the Iranian one finally realize they need to fight this mounting evil together to bring both countries a new start, free of suffering and dictatorship!
    This situation is scary as hell, people who don’t hesitate to sell their own people out for power, surely those people are dangerous!

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  4. I think the first thing the western general population needs to understand is that the idea of democracy only exists on paper and that they themselves are living in covert dictatorships. Secondly the hate against the west is justified when you look at the blatant cow boy mentality the west has as self proclaimed policeman of the world while making sure that developing countries are plagued with poverty and disease to keep them submissive, while hand picking puppet governments to serve their interests of raping us of all our natural resources. You are quick to point out terrorists and states that are a “threat to global security” but nobody is adressing the fact that America went into Iraq for oil, the Bush and Bin Laden families have had business dealings since the late sixties. Lt Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi was murdered because he wanted Africa to abolish the dollar as the trading currency and return to the gold standard which would be a true distribution of wealth, rendering the dollar useless along with the pound. As for the biggest hoax in the world September 11, where the American government murdered thousands of its own citizens to serve the interests of the bankers that own whoever sits in the white house. I wish the western public, especially Americans could stop being so ignorant and realise they are being told how to feel, think and ultimately act because they rely on information being fed to them by CNN, FOX and all other mass media. They really need to start actually exercising their brains and start THINKING independently. This has been going on since time immemorial. WAKE the hell up, stop meddling in sovereign states affairs and deal with the global terrorists that are in your own back yard. If the US is so concerned about spreading democracy and with it debt. Why wont they force Israel to stop killing innocent Palestinians and give them back their land.

    • Thanks for your point of view.
      although i do not agree with 70% of what you wrote, i believe our readers should be able to view all sides of this complicated conflict.
      one point – “ihAteAmerica” – why don’t you not name yourself for what you are for instead of what you are against.

      • My friend, you should not be so appeasing to the Muslims. Just read “Siratal rasoolallah” to understand what appeasement means to these monsters. Please read this ISLAMIC book and decide for yourself, just read it in Arabic or English or whatever.

      • Hi,
        I sincerely do not believe that all Muslims are “monsters” – i think it is this type of talk that can lead the world to the edges where moderation and acceptance seize to exist.
        The problem is not Islam or any other religion – it is leaders who abuse believers’ trust to promote hate.

    • I know not where on earth you reside, but your conspiracy analysis of the US is crazy and stupid. I’m not going into detail, but I’ll say that if you are trying to ‘push’ a particular side, you ain’t going to make it with the regular folk. I’ll try to keep this light and refer you to the Beatles ‘If You want a revolution’ for further hints. You have absolutely no convincing arguments.

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  6. The Americans do have a lot to answer for but the issue’s in Iran are more in response to the British dominion over Iran in the 19th and 20th centuries and their evil little troglodyte puppet using the stolen title ‘Shah’

    unfortunately for Iran, a secular uprising against brutality and dictatorship was, once won, stolen by Islamists under the hate filled and cowardly Khomeini, thus they changed one moribund festering dictatorship for another of a different colour but same type.

    Rule through fear and repression.

    As to the Nuclear issue, it is hypocritical absurd that the one country to use the Bomb in anger is the most vocal against others having the same power and responsibility.

    And if Israel has the ability to destroy Iran I cant think of any leadership that would not want teh ability to deter them through assured mutual destruction.

    The only right answer is that Iran deserves a whole lot better than it has gotten for the past 100 years but for that to happen the current leadership must go – they are not looking out for Iran, they are looking out only for their own power and for a misguided and completely imaginary Utopia

  7. obuma is the geatest threat to the American people . The UN report last month proved that the only ones to have used chemical weapons were the islamist terrorists,yet obuma pushes his lies with no regard for humanity!

  8. Some of my Iranian friends did all they could so they could move their family to Australia three years ago. They have been able to bring their older parents to Australia for up to six months at a time. Many of their friends are also leaving Iran for places like Australia. They have told me how the financial situation for the average Iranian is pretty hard and that when everyone was exchanging money to try and save the value of their savings that government currency exchangers were reaping high profits at the expense of the people. This family had so many religious laws telling them how to live, while still in Iran, that they have chosen not to be religious at all. Furthermore, they 100% believe that the Iranian government wants to start prophecy. Considering that the husband of the family has close friends and family working close to the government, we should pay attention to what they think. Now they are able to swim together as a family in the summer. While in Iran, the mother and daughter had to swim in a separate pool from the father and son. They were an upper middle class family in Tehran and enjoyed hosting parties at their apartment, but had to pay off the police, with money and food from the party, so they could have drinks, play loud music and dance. Now the wife and daughter can wear shorts, skirts, dresses, and short sleeve shirts in the summer heat without trouble. Before they had to wear shirts to their wrist and pants or dresses down to their ankles even on the hottest days. They would vacation to Turkey in order to enjoy things like night clubs and now they can have a nice night out without a vacation or a trip. They really enjoy their new life and freedoms in Australia, but they do miss their home, friends, and family. They will never return to Iran while it is under a religious government.

    Times are hard for the people of Iran. Iranians love their country and are very proud; however, a good portion wants more freedom to pick how they want to live their life and not how a religious government interprets how they should live.

    • Hi,
      Thanx for your personal insight.
      It seems that Iranians have voted for a more liberal attitude – I don’t know how far this liberalism will go in relations to Tehran’s problematic nuclear program but i hope that Iranians will come out the better for it.

      • Me too! I am not too sure what to think about this new president yet. The Iranians want more freedoms and yet they just voted for the only cleric on the ballot. Maybe he is moderate, but who knows. This guy was the nuclear negotiator from 2003-05, he belongs to the Assembly of Combatant Clergy, he is currently a member of the Expediency Council (since 1991) and the Assembly of Experts (since 1999), he represents the Supreme Leader in the National Security Council (since 1989), he is the director of the Expediency Council Center for Strategic Research (since 1992), and he has been a majlis representative since May 28, 1980. He was arrested many times and had to leave Iran for speeches the Shah and was a big supporter of the 1979 revolution. After the revolution he organized the Army and military bases. One of his teachers in Qom was Yazdi, Ahmadinejad’s favorite. He is fluent in 6 languages (English, Russian, French, German, Arabic, and Farsi). Anyways, the way I see it is that if he is the Supreme Leader’s representative and has been so deeply involved in making Iran a religious dictatorship, that I highly doubt he will be making any big policy changes for the Iranian people. Yet, as a nuclear negotiator he did do pretty well and eased tensions about the program, so maybe he will help in that way. I think he might just be a face to make the people feel like they were heard. I really hope their daily lives become easier, but I am really skeptical after researching this guy.

      • Yes, he can not be as easily pegged as Ahmadinejad.
        that is definitely his strength and this might help him bridge the chasm with the West,
        on the other hand, it might just give Khamenei the breathing space he needs to reach break-out point on nuclear program.

    • Wonderful to hear your family is enjoying Australia, I spent many months traveling in Iran several years ago and was struck by how friendly and country proud the normal people on the street were and to be fair how relatively non puritan as compared to Saudi.

      Thus I hope my fellow Australians repay that kindness to visitors to our shores

      • great to hear that the people in Iran have kept up their cheer despite hardline regime and human rights abuses.
        judging from the latest elections, th epeople chose moderation – maybe they will finally receive it.

  9. The marbles in your brain are moving very fast. The fact is that Iran is also meddling in other countries’ affairs and has been for almost 27 years now, from Argentina, Germany, France, New Zealand to India, Gabon, Nigeria, Bahrain, Quattar, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and many others. this was a direct order by khomeini-e-koskesh who said that his revolution must be exported to other countries. The fact is that it is IRAN that is telling Jews that their country does not belong on the map, not vice versa. The Israelis have a right to defend themselves. How would you feel if Israelis announced officially that the Iranian nation must be eliminated from the Map. How would YOU react? So you see, they have a right. As far as their conflict with Palestinians is concerned, it is their business. The territory that is Israel now, has never ever been called a Palestinian country. Palestine was a name for an area, not a country. and jews have been resident and owned land in the entire area for thousands of years prior to the establishment of Israel as a country. Arab nations, thinking that they were very strong, told the Palestinian residents inside Israel to get out until Israel is destroyed in the war, and then they could move in again. Many Palestinians left with the conviction that they’ll come back in a few days after Israel is defeated. Many other Palestinians chose NOT to go. These are the ones now in Israel who have the rights to their land and assets and are called Israelis, even though they are Arabs. You are the one who is ignorant. But ignorance is not a crime. You can educate yourself by studying current Statistics and past history from variety of sources, eastern and western.

    • Thanks for your input.
      the question of Israel’s legitimacy will never be answered by a simple yes-no answer by all and therefore is not the subject of discussion.
      what is of interest here is what Tehran/Khamenei is prioritising and the repercussions to the IRanian people and the world.

      • I agree Iran, the legitimacy of Israel had not been questioned – most people accept Israels right to exist – I lived in Israel for 2 years and the Middle East for 15 so can say this with some confidence.

        Israel does not have the right to subjugate another people – mostly other semetic tribes, force them into concentration camp style enclosures (city sized really) and kill civilians at will – but that for another blog.

        WE can all hope the new Iranian President is a better man and able to stand up to the Zealots in power and make life better – not just for Iranians but for the surrounding countires

      • Israel’s legitimacy was questioned, debated and decided formally at the UN assembly in 1948.
        the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can not be so easily explained since on the one hand Israeli Arabs enjoy full democratic representation while on the other, the Arab population that is not Israeli does not.
        In any cae, I whole-heartedly join your wish of hope for Rouhani.

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