Skeptism on Rouhani – Even in Al-Monitor

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As Rouhani finally steps into the role he was elected for barely two months ago, it seems that the levels of hope around his ability to steer Iran on a path of moderation are still dropping steadily. Whether this is a good news or bad news depends on who you ask and the future but it is plain to see that , for now, the wave of hope that got him elected is ebbing away.

Over the past two months, the voices of the conservative skeptics got louder as the voices hopeful liberals died down and a fresh waves of sanctions is sure to strengthen this trend.

Even media sites that are more open and liberal seem to be affected by this trend.

We reviewed 70 articles about Iran that were published in Al Monitor over the past two months (June 3ed – August 3ed) and tried to assign an overall sentiment. This is not an exact science since sentiment can vary in an article but the general sentiment of an article is usually evident from its title and the cover picture. The sentiments of all the articles were then categorized as “pro-Iran”, “neutral” or “con-Iran” and here are the results:

  • Overall sentiment June:73% pro, 22% neutral and 5% con
  • Overall sentiment July: 48% pro, 36% neutral and 15% con
  • Overall sentiment June-July: 61% pro, 29% neutral and 10% con

Although there still is hope surrounding Rouhani, it seems that the world is sobering up to the realities in which he is faced and his willingness and ability to bring about the necessary change to Iran’s situation.


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