Distrust Increases With Enrichment Levels

5 20 60

P5+1 Want Decrease, Iran Increases

Uranium enrichment has always been at the base of the suspicions that Iran’s nuclear program is far from peaceful:  5% enriched uranium is enough to fuel reactors for electricity purposes and were Iran to accept the 5% limit, the nuclear crisis would not exist nor would the ensuing sanctions.

In the Geneva “nuclear agreement” in November, Iran agreed to limit its enrichment to 5% and neutralize all stockpiles of 20% enriched uranium. Since then, instead of decreasing the levels of enrichment and increasing the level of trust, Tehran has done the exact opposite.

Increasing Enrichment and Distrust

Within a month of the “nuclear deal”, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned that Iran could resume 20% enrichment within 24 hours…

Barely a week later, Majlis legislators pushed for an old-new 60% Uranium enrichment bill in parliament as outlined in our last post which would actually force the enrichment of uranium to 60% to “provide fuel for submarine engines if the sanctions are tightened and Iran’s nuclear rights are ignored”. The bill was successfully introduced by 100 lawmakers last week  and now has over 200 backers…two third of the Majlis!

Within the same week, the chief of Iran’s nuclear program and former foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, told the world that his country is building a new generation of centrifuges for uranium enrichment.

20%, 60%…so much for the “confidence-building” steps President Hassan Rouhani expounded on back in September.

Tehran’s True Colors

Whenever Tehran tries to increase its levels of enrichment, questions regarding the real nature of its nuclear program naturally arise – putting any agreement at risk.

Democrat Bob Menendez, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, sums it up nicely: “Iranians are showing their true intentions….If you’re talking about producing more advanced centrifuges that are only used to enrich uranium at a quicker rate … the only purposes of that and the only reason you won’t give us access to [a military research facility] is because you’re really not thinking about nuclear power for domestic energy — you’re thinking about nuclear power for nuclear weapons”.

Bottom line:

  • Assumption: Iran wants a deal to ease sanctions.
  • Fact: Iran is continuously working on its nuclear program regardless of any deal.

2 thoughts on “Distrust Increases With Enrichment Levels

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