Iran’s answer to fears of sexual harassment? Fire the women!

women municipality


It’s acts like these that make Iran so hard to understand: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the mayor of Tehran and presidential candidate in the last presidential election, fired the women in his municipality because he felt that women who had male bosses were put in compromising positions which might lead to losing their dignity. They were fired “for their own comfort and well-being”.

That’s how Iran deals with sexual harassment: Instead of finding ways to limit incidents, to create an infrastructure that would intimidate and punish harassers, “simply” punish the women and their families who already live in harsh economic times.

Mr. Ghalibaf, how much more comfortable do these women feel now that they have less money to feed their families? How did firing them increase their level of well-being? The only people that you helped are the men who will get the jobs of the women who were fired and yourself for not having to deal with sexual harassment in your municipality in a fairer way.


8 thoughts on “Iran’s answer to fears of sexual harassment? Fire the women!

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