Iran in Deep Denial About Gays

gay hanging

Listening to Iranian leaders on human rights can sound horrendous, such as when Iran’s human rights chief Mohammad Javad Larijani couldn’t find anything wrong with stoning people to death.

At other times, they can sound totally ludicrous such as when Iran’s judiciary chief Sadeq Larijani (yes, his brother) stated that gays are not persecuted in Iran while news of two more gay men were executed and while a movie about gay persecution in Iran hit the screens.

Both Larijani brothers, as well as their other successful brother, Ali Larijani (chairman of parliament), know one thing that a lot of Westerners still are not willing to understand: Iran’s state of human rights will never become better as long as the mullahs are in charge and no “moderate” president such as Rouhani can change that.


5 thoughts on “Iran in Deep Denial About Gays

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