Iranian Terror On The Rise

suleimani terror

Let’s face it, while nuclear negotiations are plodding along the long and winding road to an unknown destination, Iran is enjoying a “breathing space” as a result from the divisions between the members of the P5+1 regarding what to do with Iran until the deal is inked.

This “breathing space” has allowed Iran to strengthen its diplomatic and economic relations and has brought much needed relief to the Iranian people in the form of a better economy and an environment of guarded hope for a better future.


Steady Course for Nuclear Program

At the same time, this “breathing space” has also allowed Iran to stick its course on its nuclear program.

Doing so might sound like a valid strategy but since Iran’s nuclear program had crossed too many red lines in the past, this means that it remains beyond the red lines in the present. Yes, there is more transparency but the military base at Parchin and the heavy-water plant at Arak are still hidden under veils of secrecy which inspire doubts as to the sincerity of the Iranians regarding military dimensions to their nuclear program.


Steady Increase in Military Influence

But while the nuclear program is on a steady course, this “breathing space” has allowed Iran’s military programs beyond its borders to increase dramatically.

Iranian backed terror is not a new development but it is a growing one. A closer investigation of the Islamic uprisings in Europe and the US would probably show that Iran’s helping hand is deeply involved.


16 thoughts on “Iranian Terror On The Rise

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  2. Iranian “terrorism”? Nah, just regional power-plays and politics. You may wish to discuss the CIA cut-outs supplying your wonderful US weapons to Hezbollah too, while your at it, because the enemy of my enemy (ISIS) is my friend. How that plays out will be be real ball-buster. Allahu mahabbah

    • Bullshit… The US is just looking for excuses to get oil and nuclear power from Iran…
      Disappointing really, that in the 21st century all this still exists.

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