Rouhani, Stop Lying About Human Rights!

rouhani lies


As we’ve outlined in past posts, despite his promises for change, Rouhani’s record for doing something about the abuses of human rights in Iran is definitely not good.

In fact, whenever it comes to answering questions on human rights, he becomes evasive. But when it came to the point of jailing journalists, whether foreign or local, Rouhani chose to simply lie.

But this time, 135 Iranian journalists decided that enough was enough and issued an open letter to Rouhani stating, in nicer words, that he was lying.

This is in tune with the regime’s attitude towards human rights: as far as most Iranian leaders in the regime are concerned, specially the human rights chief Javad Larijani, there is no problem of human rights in Iran.

What they find hard to understand is that if they are evasive and lie about human  rights, it makes it harder for the world to believe them on other issues as well and in the nuclear issue in particular.




7 thoughts on “Rouhani, Stop Lying About Human Rights!

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