Iran is the SHARK within Rouhani’s WAVE


Iran host a conference against violence, extremism and terrorism” – sounds a bit like “pedophile running the PTA”, “alcoholist as designated driver” or “butchers supporting vegans”, doesn’t it?

Iran, a long-time supporter of global terrorism and subversion as well as a country led by religious extremists and a serial abuser of human rights is holding a conference against violence, extremism and terror? This should sound strange to all but what is even stranger is that some leaders actually don’t find this strange at all.


Iran’s Path from Terror to Peace?

Shark_2Last September, President Rouhani introduced his initiative for peace,  WAVE (World Against Violence & Extremism), at his UN General Assembly speech stating that “peace was within reach”.

Even then, it sounded a bit strange that such an initiative would come from Iran but it seemed to symbolize Rouhani’s quest for a rapprochement with the West.

Since then, Iran has constantly rebranded itself as a moral spearhead against extremism, violence and terrorism repeatedly while at the same time continuing to do the exact opposite by increasing its involvement in terrorism through its elite Qods forces and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, increasing its abuse of human rights through maiming and executions for religious crimes and increasing its efforts at subversion in any country with a large Shi’ite population (Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain etc…).

Everyone should have shouted “the emperor has no clothes” but they didn’t. Everyone should know that within Rouhani’s WAVE remains the shark that is the regime in Tehran but they don’t.


The Best Defense is Offence

khamenei twitter 2.bmp
In order to strengthen its position as a peacemaker and weaken the links between Tehran and extremism/violence/terrorism, it wasn’t sufficient for Iran to rebrand itself as pro-peace and pioneer in human rights (check out human rights chief Larijani’s speech at the UPR): It was essential to rebrand the US/West as the ultimate supporters of global terrorism as well as the biggest abusers of human rights with a special focus on Fergusson in the US.

Nobody in Tehran bothered to point out the difference between legislated abuses of human rights such as jailing journalists, lawyers and dissidents, executing gays, persecuting minorities, enforcing gender segregation, empowering abusers of women etc…, as opposed to isolated outbreaks of racism that are frowned upon by Western governments and their judicial systems. And although Khamenei loves to rant about racism against abuses of African Americans in the US, it is hard to not remember that Obama is an African American himself and that Hillary Clinton is running for the next presidency – would Khamenei allow a woman, a Baha’i, a Christian or a Jew become president? No.

Nobody in Tehran took the time to point out that although the US/West is guilty of supporting terrorism in isolated cases, terrorist organizations are actively financed and supported by Iran since the Islamic revolution and they are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria alone.


Iran’s Attempt to Divide and Conquer

dividedWhy is Iran going through all of this? What’s the point?

Quite simply, Tehran is running a campaign to create an alternative to the US/West for those countries who share Iran’s animosity to the US. Khamenei wants to lead a Global Islamic Awakening that will surpass the powers of the “arrogant imperialistic Satan” by uniting all the US’s enemies under a camp with military and economic powers supported by lofty moral rights.

Tehran is targeting 5 intertwining groups:

  • Neighbors: Countries which are in easy reach of Iran – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan etc…
  • NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) members: Mostly countries in African, South America and Asia – Iran will be chairing NAM until next year.
  • Islamic Countries: Any and all countries with strong Islamic parties (preferably Shi’ite) which might find an Islamic Revolution appealing.
  • Anti-US Superpowers: Specifically Russia and China who are not fearful of US/Western sanctions.
  • Anti-US Western Countries: Any and all countries which are waiting eagerly for sanctions against Iran to drop in order to do make money from Iran.

The participants of the WAVE conference all fit into one of more of these groups: delegates from Asian, African, South American and Middle Easter countries were “supported” by several delegates from Norway and France.

During the conference, Rouhani presented a 10 point plan to combat violence. It is worth reading his first point to understand just how cynical it really is: “Countries which have helped formation of terrorism through organizing it and providing financial aid should explicitly announce their hatred of terrorism and stop direct or indirect funding of the groups. They should also work with victim countries in fighting terrorism in terms of military, intelligence and financial help. Iraq and Syria have undergone unprecedented casualties and human loss, and countries which were behind the damages should bear responsibilities to compensate the loss.”

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