The Larijani Brothers in Lies

brothers in lies 2

The Larijani family is sometimes thought of as the Kennedy’s of Iran: There are many brothers and cousins in power, either directly or through marriages. Three are worth noting: Ali Larijani is the speaker of the Majlis (parliament), Sadeq Larijani is the chief of the Judicial and Javad Larijani is the chief of human rights.

Ali Larijani has aspirations for the presidency and has recently set up a new party which he heads. Apart from being the head of parliament, Ali has taken it upon himself to foster good ties with Iran’s neighbours while “slamming the West for ambiguous approach to terrorism” and portraying Iran as a champion against terrorism.

As to the other two brothers, their main job is to deny any problems of human rights in Iran. Javad and Sadeq continuously issue denials regarding the state of human rights in Iran.

Javad even went further by stating that the laws of Islam precede universal human rights, arguing for a more localized approach, while at the same time releasing himself and Iran from any blame. His speech at the UPR session last month is typical of his modus operandi – denials and accusations instead of accountability and solutions. So according to Iran’s chief of human rights, Iran is blameless and all the victims of human rights abuses in Iran are non-existent or liars.

According to Javad, the Iranian police has a “most immaculate record” and is “free of racial discrimination and ethnic impartiality”. Of course he said this as a politicized attack against the US as part of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

Sadeq, has also frequently denied any wrong-doings by the courts regarding human rights: he denied hanging gay people despite numerous hangings of gays in Iran. And now, he joined his brother in arguing that the whole question of human rights abuses in Iran is simply a Western slander.

In the same manner, Sadeq dismisses the need to put political opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard on trial alhtough they have been under house arrest for over 4 years.

Of course, it is possible for these two men/brothers to share the same ideas. But it seems too convenient that the both chiefs parrot each others ideas while not addressing the real problem: The Islamic State of Iran is a serial human rights abuser and instead of denying the problem, they should be developing solutions.




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