Rouhani Under Fire…Again.

rouhani fire 2

Managing your finances can be tough sometime, but no matter if you’re a 22 year old kid or a wealthy businessman, one rule of thumb always applies: set a logical ladder of priorities.

Under Fire Economically

oil-price-fall1Simple, isn’t it? Apparently not always: Iran is struggling for years now with crippling economic sanctions, and now its list of problems is topped by dropping oil prices (this problem is so dire, that Iran’s parliament speaker has even spoken about the country’s intention of creating an “oil free economy”).

Iran is also ever increasing its security budget (a 50% hike for the upcoming year), and it is safe to say that the nuclear program is not a money making or money saving project.

Under Fire Politically

hardlinersBut there is a bigger battle here for President Rouhani: He is fighting for home. The struggle between him and the hardliners, who are trying to assert control over the Islamic Republic, is heating up:  Rouhani recently made it clear that he would confront the hardliners in his efforts to clinch a deal in which Iran would agree never to produce a nuclear weapon in return for the lifting of crippling international sanctions.

This will seem to the hardliners as a surrender. And the economy has given the president’s opponents even more ammunition against him – so much so that last week he resorted to what seems to be the ultimate threat in Iran – he said that he would put important issues for a vote in a referendum (Only in a country such as Iran, a popular vote is considered such a threat to the ruling classes).

Nobody really knows what Rouhani wanted to ask his people in the referendum nor does anyone apart from Khamenei know what are the chances of a referendum to actually take place but by speaking of a referendum, Rouhani is reminding hardliners (including Khamenei) that he received the people’s vote for change.


Under Fire Personally

rujbhThe attacks against Rouhani are increasing: Basij commander Naqdi denounced Rouhani as a “fake revolutionary…who joined the ranks of revolutionaries to acquire leadership and riches“.

This battle for control and power has been waged since Rouhani’s election, and the supreme leader Khamenei, as we wrote before, is not helping Rouhani’s cause. But now, as deadlines are getting closer and closer, the fight reaches culmination, and its results will affect not only Iran, but also the region and quite possibly the rest of the world.


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