Tehran Blatantly Hypocritical On Syria


The civil war in Syria is going from bad to worst: the death toll keeps rising (between 250,000 to 350,000 people), counting more than 7 million displaced people.  4 million Syrians are considered “refugees” and who knows how many are fleeing Syria to seek refuge in Europe.

By redefining the rules of the game, Tehran finds it possible to support Assad in his civil war while continuously blaming others for the outcome of the civil war, including the plight of those Syrian refugees who are escaping from the troops of Assad and of Iran.

Of course, Tehran is not solely responsible for the Syrian civil war but the hypocrisy of Tehran is so blatant that it is inexcusable.


Blatant Hypocrisy

Warning: these quotes by Iranian leaders stink of hypocrisy:





  • Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani: Rouhani “urges Europe to meet its humanitarian duty towards refugees“. Remember that most of these refugees are running away from the civil war supported by Assad’s and Iran’s troops. Perhaps it is Rouhani who should meet the “humanitarian duties towards refugees” by forcing Assad to stop the war and hold free elections!









  • Iran’s FM Mohammad Zarif: The people who have called to oust Assad “are responsible for the bloodshed in Syria” and “no solution can be imposed on the Syrian people from outside Syria”. Really? No blood on Iranian hands? Not even the hands of Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah militia? Not even the hands of the people in Tehran who are supplying Assad with weapons and money? And if it is an internal Syrian issue, what is Ian doing there?










Tehran’s “Endless Support”

Flag-Pins-Syria-Iran-1Assad is definitely one of the biggest benefactors of the nuclear deal with Iran, since the influx of cash from lifting the sanctions will allow Tehran to inject more money into Syria (estimated at $10 billion until now). Furthermore, Moscow, now Tehran’s closest buddy, has taken up Assad’s cause and is increasing its military and financial support there. Moscow, now deeply involved in Syria, not only wholly supports Assad but calls any demands to oust him “counterproductive”.

The West is at an impasse: If it supports Assad, the trickle of refugees will turn into a flood and Iran and Russia will win the day. If it doesn’t support Assad, his government may fall and in the void, ISIS might try to take over the Syrian government.

From its part, the Syrian government is certain of Tehran’s support according to Syria’s FM Wallid al-Moallem: Iran, he says, plans to “double its support to the axe of resistance…(and)…Iran will not change its stance toward the Syrian crisis“.

Again, Tehran is not wholly responsible for the war in Syria but its attempts to portray itself as the savior of the Syrian people are simply preposterous. Tehran isn’t supporting Assad for the welfare of the Syrian population – it is doing so for control and hegemony. It works to save Assad’s minority (12%) Alawite government, which is closely related to Shiism. Meanwhile, Sunni Syrians are getting killed, fleeing their homeland to find refuge in Europe.


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