Who are we? Why IRAN 24/07?

The Geo- political situation in the middle east, and specifically in Iran, is changing rapidly, and the average reader (or writer…) often finds it difficult to keep track of the events through coherent, well established sources. We have founded this volunteer-based channel in order to provide these sources by quoting or translating news highlights;  and creating high quality original visual materials, info graphics and from time to time even cartoons. Our goal is to provide to the intelligent reader a clear and precise monitor of Iran, and to be as real-time and as accessible as possible.

We stand for a  Free Iran, free from its current violent regime, liberal and peace-loving as its citizens truly are.

While all of our daily work is done by volunteers, some production and publicizing costs cannot be avoided, and are exclusively funded by donations. Contact us for further donor info.

For News proposals and requests:

For public and press relations contact directly Shafet Perwaza (facebook)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Iran has had it, the country is going to be destroyed like Iraq and Libya. Everybody wants it. They’ll walk off with the country’s oil like in Iraq and Libya. They’re just waiting to get rid of Obama.

    In Favour: Most US hawks in both parties, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Israel.

    Qatar wants the rest of the South Pars gas field and they’ve got all the west’s political leaders on their payroll.


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