HP Media Bias Campaign

Is the Huffington Post’s editorial treatment of Iran biased? Some claim it is, some claim it isn’t, usually depending on their political orientation. Like any other, bias claims have to be based on facts and statistics. Iran 24/07 team analyzed  articles concerning Iran over 3 months (February -April 2012). Two immediate conclusions rise from the analysis:

The HuffPost publishes more pro-Iran content than anti-Iran content by a ratio of 4:1.

The HuffPost staff writes less than 40% of all the Iran-related articles, but is responsible for 85% of the pro-Iran articles.

Click the visual for a full view of the analysis

The articles and our analysis are documented in a file you can download right hereWe encourage you to check, review and give us your own opinion on the process. The file consists of article information and links, source (Huffpost/shared media), political opinion reflected and other parameters.

Find this information disturbing? Join our call for a balanced, unbiased coverage of the events in Iran.

Contact The huffington post staff:
Arianna Huffington
President and Editor in Chief

Mario Ruiz
Vice President – Media Relations

Eric Hippeau
Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Hurvitz
AOL Corporate Communications

Jennifer DeGuzman
AOL Corporate Communications

And its Investors:

Oak Investment Partners (linkmore)
Softbank Capital (link)
Greycroft Partners LLC (link)

Or post this information with your questions to their social media patforms i.e Huff Post north America Facebook page or The huff post main twitter account.


14 thoughts on “HP Media Bias Campaign

  1. This has been the Islamic republic of Iran’s policy to buy off sites such Arianna Huffington & Democracy now , if u look at their history never ever have they supported or written anything in support of Iranian strggle for freedom and democracy. WHat is amazing is that both of these entities claim to be on people’s side doemstically, but when it comes to forign policies they are worst than US state department in apeasment of the terrorsits.

    • I completely agree, also, what’s really Infuriating here is that the Fact that Huffington post does not suppose to have a bias, it’s suppose to be objective and moral. Even if it’s not “on the people’s side” it at least should be bias free

      • The issue at hand, Emma, is that although what individuals write is their choice, HuffPost has made it a goal to publish blogs and articles which benefit the Iranian Regime, not the freedom seeking, anti-Nuclear Weapon Iranian people. Huffpost favors blogs and articles by individuals like Reza Marashi of NIAC which many Iranians strongly believe is the Islamic Republic’s Lobby in the US (as his apologetic tone in regards to the Regime’s HR violations and its Nuclear Weapons Program), while they far less often publish the voices of Iranians seeking Regime change, freedom and demilitarization of Iran. Huffpost is feeding out of Iran’s Propaganda hand as is continues to push Ahmadinejad and Khamenei’s agenda…

    • You are wrong Dr. Mir , Huffngton post , democracy now , nation and Newyorkers are the very few independent media left . Perhaps you are more used to Media such as Fox and perefer Hasbra

    • Dr. mir it is in best interest of all iranian inside and abourd to support Iran and push for pro iran contexs in US media. Thanks to fox news and other news outlets in US , we are being blame for things that we have not done . Huffington post and …… are not biias , their are more honest than other networks . Anti Iran publication is not good for Iran or our struggles . After all Iranian gov is part of our nation and need to be fix independent from outside interfer .

  2. I’m glad to see someone with the courage to stand up to Huffpost and AOL’s biased media empire… Arianna, you are single handedly hurting our Iranian brothers and sisters by giving the Regime’s propaganda a platform and a voice. Shame on you.

  3. There is no pro Iranian bias in the Huffington Post. There is pro US & pro Israeli bias in the mainstream liberal and conservative media.

    • You are surely in a dream land. Anywhere I read, left or right, it is viciously anti-Israel.
      I cant blame other countries for not liking America right now with Hillary Clinton, Rice and Powers shoving their ‘democracy’ all over the M.E. and making worse enemies than we had before. But Israel? P-u-l-e-a-s-e.

  4. Those of you which get their information from anti Iran and pro corporate news agency like Fox are the same kind of people which supported CIA coup against democratically elected government of Dr. Mossadegh. They denied the democracy for Iran some six years ago now they are talking of how they want democracy for Iran.
    This time around it is people of Iran who will decide when to over throw a government not CIA and for sure not the Iranians living in U.S. so you guys better get used to it.
    Iranian people living in Iran are more than capable of deciding for themselves. They did it when they kicked the Shah out and they will do it again when and if they are good and ready. They have already proven this.

  5. Arriana Huffington was a conservative who saw the success of the Drudge Report and decided to create a left winging alternative. The left wing tilt is purely opportunist and has little to do with what anyone there believes in (they might believe what they write, but that’s not the point). If 80% of the world believes in one way, the HP will side for the 20% because it sells.
    For example, if you create a blog about how wonderful the IPhone is you will be competeing against millions of other similar blogs for viewers. But if you title your stories like “10 reasons why RIMM still kicks Apple’s Ass” than by being a contrarian, you will have much less competition for viewers and its easier to get a following.
    The HP follows this approach.

  6. israel started 7 war not iran
    israel get more then 400 nuke not iran
    israel killed many americans military ( USS Liberty anyone? ) Not Iran
    Iran has been under the rule of a dictator installed by the US
    Iran has been the victim of a proxy war with Irak with the help of the US
    Iran has been menaced to be nuke by israel since 1992
    It was israel who got busted with the biggest spy ring in the US ever not Iran
    it was Israel who stole the military secret of the US not Iran
    It was Israel who sold those military secret to China Not Iran
    It was Israel who got busted trying to sell nuke to south africa Not Iran
    It’s Israel who sent many young americans to die for a war based on lie on evidence totally created by the pro-israeli lobby not Iran
    It was Israel who planed to kill American and blame egypt (Layvon affair) NOT IRAN
    Everyone with half a brain and with the ability to read history know how false and wrong all of your statement and warmongering is..
    Dont start to call for america to help you on your very own war.
    America has nothing to do into your war.
    Oh and If Iran had to goes to 20% it’s because moron like yourself lobby for not selling anything not even the material we promized to Iran.
    Now I prefer trust real AMERICAN not bi-national traitor or warmonger when it came to the US wellbeing.
    I should start a blog about all the things wrong done by Israel but i feel there will not be enough of one internet.
    Sir you are a Coward with the biggest C you can ever imagine.

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