Iran’s Solutions to RIO+20

Iran 24/07 team created a  public awareness campaign towards Rio+20 Conference,  which covers some of the most urgent issues the Iranian policy makers and executors are failing to address, including women’s, gays’ and religious rights, as well the option of a global nuclear war. We believe
all of these might become more than a local problem when and if and if the current regime gains substantial nuclear power.
 We urge you to view, participate and share our campaign.

The RIO+20 Conference is dedicated to “reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection…to get to the future we want”. What does Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad bring to this conference? What will the world look like if Iran achieves the “Islamic Awakening” it wants? What would your future look like with Iran in possession of nuclear weapons?

Climate change by nuclear winter

Once Iran becomes a nuclear power, a nuclear winter is more probable.

Religious persecution


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