Why UN Chief Ban Ki-moon should reconsider attending NAM summit in Tehran

Image: Tehran Times

As we are following closely the preparations for the NAM summit in tehran this month, we have to point out a few highlights that may have not been considered by UN general Secretary Bank Ki-Moon upon deciding to participate in the summit. Ki-Moon is not invited to the event merely as a persona, but rather as a very much needed sign of approval for Iran’s agenda for the NAM organization. This agenda  isn’t merely non- aligned with some of the UN’s basic organizational goals and principles; in many cases it straightforwardly contradicts them.

Some examples include the Iranian regime’s repeated violations of the Security council’s decisions – Weapon sales to Syria is a recent one-  as well as refusal to cooperate effectively with the IAEA – As surveyed in our thorough work here. On the humanitarian level, Khamenei’s regime is consistently executing severe human rights violations in fields followed and taken care of by UN agencies. In fact, some commentators claim that Iran uses the momentum created by constant public interest in the nuclear question to distract the UN from extensive Human rights violations.

Furthermore, The regime has recently made explicit and public statements questioning the UN’s legitimacy and suggesting NAM organization as a framework for “reconstructing global management”. Openly challenging the UN’s authorities, when put in perspective of the last year, cannot be a mistake or a misunderstanding. It is another well calculated step in the construction of an alternative – guided by Iranian interests.

Under these circumstances, and with the Iranian regime failing to answer clearly  any of these matters, it seems that attending NAM summit in Tehran may not be in line with the UN’s interest. We urge Ban Ki-Moon to reconsider his decision to participate until both military and humanitarian issues on debate with the UN are any closer to be resolved. 

* For further reading please refer to: “Ban Ki-Moon’s Moment of truth” and, “NAM. Iran and the Secretary General”. 


23 thoughts on “Why UN Chief Ban Ki-moon should reconsider attending NAM summit in Tehran

  1. What about israels continuous violations of human rights and dismissal of UN demands. Israels bombing of UN buildings in gaza and lebanon. Israels refusal to sign the NPT, and Israel threatening to nuke other countries. Its continuous settlement building and blockade of gaza by air, sea and land. Israel is the biggest terrorist state in history along side the USA and is blackmailing the world into trying to start yet another war in the name of its racist ideology of a jewish state for jewish people only. How can a country be jewish only and a democracy at the same time. Israel has been documented offering nukes to apartied south africa when Iran championed its independance and freedom? Dont get me wrong Iran is not perfect either but it is better than israel a million times over

    • Thomas, the point is Iran and not Israel because this is what this blog is dealing with. We don’t know much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but as far as we know Israel’s governments never called for the annihilation of the Iranian people, or of all Muslims, or of people with a certain sexual orientation – Unlike statements made frequently by Iranian officials on Khamenei’s regime.

      • Nonsense!! I have full knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Thomas is actually right by saying Israel has, time and again, destroyed not only Palestinian property, but UN property in Palestine. Moreover, the current system of international organization in the form of the UN needs to be challenged as it clearly advances the agenda of the West, and Iran and China are the only states bold enough to challenge the status quo. Nevertheless, the NAM is not an opposition to the UN but an alternative for states which don’t feel represented by the closed system of the UN, and by calling for Ki-Moon to not attend you are creating unnecessary enmity between the two bodies.

        While your article refers to Iran defying an agreement on Weapon sales to Syria, it seems that you have forgotten that the US continues to support rebels which have destroyed lives and today bombed a building close to a UN building in Damascus and yet you have never called for the UN to act against various human rights violations committed by the US all over the world and now in Syria. It, therefore, becomes necessary that I make you aware that the international system must apply the same principles to all states regardless of religion, governance system or economic clout.

        I understand your skepticism about Iran’s intentions for NAM, I understand that it emanates from the desire of the system you stand for to maintain international domination and is based on the disregard of the sovereignty of other states. What vexes you the most, I’m sure, is that you and the system you believe in have no control over what happens in Iran. You tried to stifle it with sanction which saw the rise in the price of oil, and to your disappointment Iran continues to increase the profit margins gained from oil exports.

        It is now clear that by alerting Ban Ki-Moon on the implications of attending the conference in Iran, your aim is to maintain control over the United Nations and monopolize influence in the international system. I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news: This time you have failed.

      • Hi freeminds3,

        * Again- this is a blog about the brutal Iranian regime (that you seem to support), not Israel. We don’t know much about the conflict, and therefore, are not going to voice an opinion/debate about it.

        * If the UN advances the agenda of the West, so how come does the UN condemn so many Western countries?

        * We are sorry for any Innocent life that is lost anywhere in the world. But to blame the US for whats happening in Syria? That’s a comment that we usually hear from dictators such as Asad- seems like you are a supporter of the murderous Iranian-Syrian relationship (I hope you are not).

        * We agree with you “that the international system must apply the same principles to all states regardless of religion, governance system or economic clout”. Therefore, we call upon the Iranian regime to allow freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of sexual orientation, freedom of movement etc’ etc’ (the degree of human rights violations by the Iranian regime is so vast that we don’t have enough place or time to post them on this page).

        While, every country can do more to insure human rights, the Iranian regime needs to do more than nearly any other country (excluding north Korea?). In fact, Iran needs to introduce human rights (it does not seem like the Iranian citizens enjoy such rights at all).

        – Note- the Iranian regime are even creating an Iranian internet in order to oppress their citizens communication abilities (and be able to monitor them).

        * Our skepticism about Iran’s intention in the NAM summit is not due to our desire to “maintain international domination”, rather it is of concern for the citizens of Iran and world safety. The military-aligned nuclear project costs the Iranian economy 133,000,000$ per day! and it is the citizens of Iran who suffer from this, not the regime leaders!

        * Our target is not to maintain control of the UN (in any case- you can’t maintain control of something that is out of your control…), but rather to stop the Iranian regime who threatens world peace from taking control of the UN.

        In any case, thanks for your reply, we enjoyed reading it!

      • Thomas is correct, israel is the cause of all trouble in the middle east and therefore, USA must withdraw its support or UN must dismember that Gangster state. Prostitute or Gambler State.Israel was funded from the Jewish dirty business in USA, prostitution, gambling, exportion and killing.

      • Hi Amir Badar,

        Your comments are racist and baseless.

        Please refrain from using such language in this blog, or simply don’t post here.

        Any further racist comments such as the above will not be approved.

      • Since Israel is part of that neighborhood, the question makes sense: Why not Israel being part of NAM? The other question is: Can’t NAM attend then UN as an independent organization? Why not? The moral is: creating an “alternative to the UN would make sense only if the UN ceased to exist, and were replaced by NAM or something else. Two “United Nations” is simply an impracticable and destructive oxymoron!

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  3. “but rather to stop the Iranian regime who threatens world peace from taking control of the UN.”

    People who talk like this can’t be taken seriously… What ‘world peace’ are you talking about? Where in the world is there peace, that Iran is trying so desperately to threaten? Are you blind to the fact that over 60 countries in the world are currently at war?

    And how exactly can anybody outside of the Security Council 5 take control of the UN? What’s next, an article about how the 0.01% muslim population of the US is about to overrun Wisconsin with Sharia?

    Parroting the pro-war line also just makes you look like an idiot since nobody’s buying it. In case you haven’t realised, not one intelligence agency in the world has been able to positively assert a military nature to Iran’s program, but here YOU are, stating in no uncertain terms that Iran is building a bomb in order to annihilate Israel.

    Absolutely pathetic, and stinks of the MEK.

    • Lifelong,
      I wish I had your wording power.

      I have a suggestion for Reuters: Go hire another pay-rolled journalist to bring some fresh ideas may be able to sell your Pro-War slogans!

      and also one suggestion for the journalist of this page:
      Go open a small shop or drive a taxi but: BE FREE!

  4. Perhaps you can also explain to your readers how it is that Iran was denounced to the UNSC by the IAEA, even though in every single one of their reports they maintain that “there continues to be no evidence that Iran has diverted any nuclear material for a nuclear weapons program.” When you unequivocally state that Iran is threatening ‘world peace’ through a nuclear weapons program, where is YOUR evidence?

    Perhaps you can also explain to your readers that the NAM bloc has consistently stood behind Iran on the matter of their right to peaceful nuclear power, and that they have consistently demanded that 1) Israel be forced to join the NPT and their nuclear program ALSO be put under IAEA safeguards, and 2) that Amano refrains from conjecture and the use of unverifiable western intelligence reports to justify a hostile position towards Iran, and that he base his reports solely on the facts on the ground. Again, perhaps, you could explain to your readers why these requests from the NAM bloc are summarily ignored, and the only known nuclear power in the Middle East is allowed to maintain its arsenal of 200+ nuclear weapons without any threat of sanctions or inspections, whilst Iran suffers the most intrusive inspections regime in the history of the IAEA.

    At this point you should continue to explain to your readers that the NAM bloc stands behind Iran because it is not aligned with the USA’s position, and that is the entire purpose of a NON-ALIGNED MOVEMENT. Its purpose is not to parrot the pro-war line like yourself, and you are grossly misleading your readers when stating that the NAM is being ‘manipulated’. NAM has not made a drastic U-turn on its position since Iran’s presidency of the bloc began in the recent months; NAM has held this position ever since 2003 when this entire debacle was put into motion by the inclusion of Iran into the ‘Axis of Evil’.

    For an example of NAM’s opinion, at a point in time where Iran did not have the presidency:


    It’s not difficult to find the entire text.


    Are all these former IAEA officials on Iran’s payroll too?

    In summary, you are grossly misleading your readers at a time when the anti-Iran campaign is reaching new heights. Specifically, your extremely transparent page entitled ‘HP Media Bias Campaign’ shows that you are merely interested in the propagation of ‘Anti-Iran’ rhetoric. Your claim to be in search of unbiased media reports CAN NOT include a separation of news events into either PRO or ANTI camps. A story is either objective or it is not. Period. A positive story on Iran does not qualify it as Pro-Mullah either. You are very obviously not interested in objectivity, since your goal is to slander with the repetition of unverifiable claims, and assertions that have consistently been proven to be false.

    If you truly are Iranian, I hope you realise that your actions serve to numb people, so that when hundreds of thousands Iranians civilians do finally die in a barrage of missiles, everybody tells themselves ‘they deserved it’ and changes the channel.

    • Such a nice piece of journalism by lifelong.

      The authors of this page, if they call themselves journalists, have to learn from this. However from their propagandistic views it is clear that they are on a payroll by the PRO-WAR tribune in Zionist nest.

      Unfortunately there is even no God has survived in 21st century to call upon for HELP!

  5. I have only one question from Iran 24/07:

    Which country has made the most of the wars in the last 100 years (by any means or reasons)?

    Please just do not say “They have all been war on terrorism?!!!” or “They have been war for peace!!!!”

    Make a page as US 24/7 instead of Iran!! US (I dont mean US people) is the most threatening and powerful terrorist on the glob. A country that its 35% of economy is military or related industries is the threat.

    And please: you do not try to show that you concern about Iranian people. We have seen when you concern about people you actualy kill them. Like in Iraq!

    The only thing you concern is oil and your end of the month wage! that is all. SO PLEASE do not worry about people in Iran or any other place!!!!

    • Mike, we’re not an american group by identification. Your questions can and may be aimed at American patriots and conservatives. What we want is peace and quiet in the middle east (and the entire world of possible) – And it seems that Khamenei’s regime is not going in that direction.

      • If you are looking for peace, you are lost by aiming at Iran (or what you call Khamenei regime). The much bigger threats are US and Israel not Iran.

        Please be aware that the era for main stream media brain washing people is almost passing.

  6. Saying that your focus is exclusively on Iran limits your understanding and analysis of the case in point. You cannot understand the politics and foreign relations of any state by looking at that state exclusively. In Iran’s case its important for one to understand both its friends and foes so as to offer an objective point of view.

    Perhaps your limited understanding of Iran’s foreign relations especially with the US and Israel is the reason for you skewed analysis. For your information, I am a South African citizen with no interest whatsoever in Middle Eastern politics, but my interest is purely on the respect of sovereignty of any state whether African or European.

    • The UN needs to be reformed in a hurry. The Chinese and the Russians have gotten away with murder (literally), allowing the killing of tens of thousands of Syrians, rather than allowing a UN intervention! This has to stop. It will stop if the rules of “genocide” intervention are rewritten in such a way, that no country is free to oppose such intervention!

  7. It is now time to abolish the hegemony of US(its illegitimate child the Israel) and Europe.How is it that these nations can have nukes while as others are denied this right.If they think them selves more responsible entities in the world,then the argument is factually flawed,as we have seen the irresponsible act of nuke bombing of US over Japan and France’s on Pacific in contrast Iran is behaving more maturely and decently in every world conflict.You are remembering the lose talk of Iran’s President to annihilate Jewish state,you should equally remember and discuss the daily threats of attack by Israeli premier against Iran and that too with nukes which is otherwise an offence under UN Charter. Thank you.

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